Speaking and Listening/SL.PK.MA.1: get involved in cooperation conversations with varied partners throughout daily routines and play.

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MA breeze STE Standards:

Physical Sciences/Matter and Its Interactions/PS4.B: Apply their understanding in your play of how to adjust volume and pitch of part sounds.Life Sciences/From molecule to Organisms/LS1/3.C: Use their feeling in your exploration and play to conference information.

Head start Outcomes:

Logic and also Reasoning/Reasoning and also Problem Solving: Classifies, compares, and also contrasts objects, events, and experiences.Logic and Reasoning/Reasoning and also Problem Solving: establish cause and effect relationships.

PreK Guidelines:

Science and Technology/Living Things and Their setting 15: usage their senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste to discover their setting using sensory vocabulary.

Small Group: who Voice Is It?


STEM key Concepts: Sounds have actually a source;Sounds differ in 3 ways: volume, pitch, and timbre

ELA emphasis Skills: Speaking and also Listening, Vocabulary

Tell youngsters they will continue to check out differentsounds heard in voices. Explain that they will certainly play ago andtalk about the voices they recorded earlier.

Play the record of a boy saying “I to be years old . . .”Ask kids if they have the right to identify who is speaking. Say, Listen to the voice and try to hear something that helps you identify whose voice it is.Ask because that example,Does the voice have actually ahighsound? that in our group hasa voice through a high sound?

Then enable children come take turns recording themselves speak “Good morning. Ns would prefer to at institution today.”

Play back the recordings one in ~ a time and also ask concerns such as, What words will certainly you usage to describe the sound that the voice? carry out you know whose voice this is? What sounds did girlfriend hear in the voice that gave you a clue to who voice the is?How is she voice different from Karla’s voice? Continue asking questions to guide youngsters to identifydifferent attributes of each voice.

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Take it Further: You might want come record and also introduce various other voices into the exploration, such together voices of employee members that the facility, or voices of children’s parental (which you could record when kids are choose up the work or mainly before). Continue to ask kids if they recognize the person’s voice, encouraging kids to define what that is about the sound of the voice that aided them determine its owner.