I am NOT offering PLEXUS. PERIOD.

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August 2, 2016

Various Plexus Ambassadors have actually reached the end to me around trying plexus supplements in the critical year. After ~ hearing dozens the testimonies, consisting of my own sister in law, see countless video testimonials, consisting of a pair from world whose ministry i have adhered to for two decades, I chose to give Plexus Slim a try.

The last decision was made after pointing out it v my sisters in law. If it have the right to improve her wellness with the difficulties she faces, surely that will help me! no only since I require to lose some weight, I have a health setup for that which ns follow. Mainly, I want to shot it because I feel so tired and also lack the energy a healthy and balanced person my age should have.

My wellness issues, as far as I know right now include Adrenal Insufficiency and Thyroid disorder. I have been dealing with Adrenal Insufficiency/ Adrenal tiredness for around the last 3-4 years. The starts to enhance a little then i either perform too much, have a stressful life event, or something else causes a set-back and I crash. Also, medical professionals who act AF are not commonly affordable.

Also, my thyroid levels space sluggish. In might 2016 i ran out of my thyroid medication and also was part extra stress. At the same time, as result of financial reasons and also the fact that my insurance didn’t cover any type of of my visits, ns was desperately needing to change doctors. I have been turn off of mine thyroid meds because May and I have actually gained about 15-20 pounds in 3 months.

In July, I began seeking treatment at a brand-new doctor"s office in really hopes of acquiring things ago on track. I had blood occupational done on July 12 and also had a monitor up to acquire my new thyroid prescription, which I started taking today.

If i DO end up shedding the load I got so rapidly while off my thyroid medication, it will be harder because that me to decision if the loss is as result of Plexus or mine thyroid medication. The is another hesitation because that me, but I’m so tired of being tired.

Energy is mine goal. Appropriate now, ns feel prefer I should get every little thing done by 3 pm in ~ the latest or ns won’t be able to finish my tasks. Typically, I need to muster increase the stamin to finish dinner and also get the kitchen back in order climate I simply go lay down directly after since I’m too worn down to think.

For the last several weeks my load fluctuates in between 175-178 also though i am adhering to a healthy and balanced eating plan that I have actually used to help dozens of other women to lose weight. This is one all-time high for me. However here us go…

I placed the 30-day journal below so that readers would not need to scroll v my 30 job of food & exercise journal and my weigh-ins to get to mine Plexus review.

My thoughts after 30 job on Plexus

I’m disappointed to report that other than constant headaches, the “Pink Drink” make no remarkable or documentable development on my weight or health.

I rarely ever got headaches till Plexus. I’m one of those civilization that simply doesn’t acquire headaches. The an initial week that the drink, I obtained headaches every single day.

If I complied with my own instincts, ns would have actually tried come return the product best away but I kept doing what the Ambassadors encourage you come do: save taking the products and also wait for the magic.

Any complain of headaches are stated to be from a die-off reaction and users are urged to proceed giving the a chance. Against my intuition, or probably I need to say, out of sheer desperation, I ongoing to take the supplement, even though ns had and still have actually misgivings around the firm and the product.

After a week passed i didn’t have actually a headache every solitary day, yet they were still arising randomly which to be a definite side impact as i am no the sort of person who really ever before gets headaches.

There were none.

For the comment from Plexus sales people that generally comes on the heels that a “Plexus go nothing for me” testimonial; i would likewise like to confirm that I execute not have Candida. I have actually been tested by a doctor and also the test came back negative. I also do not have cravings because that sugar, I haven’t had a soda of any type of kind because that well end a decade. I execute not eat sugar.

I would likewise like come say the I execute realize that Plexus is at finest a “supplement” and also not a “magic potion” and the for weight-loss supplements come do cause weight loss, a healthy balanced diet is an important key. A crucial that I already have in place.

Although, again, i was not mainly using the product for weight loss, instead I was hoping to gain energy. Instead, opposing happened.

During the 30 days ns was on Plexus my power levels dropped alarmingly. Ns actually had actually my husband drive me to the walk-in clinic in ~ one suggest because I had heart-attack-like symptoms. The was towards the end.

I believe by offering my journal, you can see that ns did no eat junk. Ns ate a balanced, largely organic, primarily whole foods diet with moderate-sized portions. Ns drank plenty of water. I execute not drink juice or soda.


As for giving it the chance to do its work.

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I believe that $158 and also 30 days is giving it a chance. Although, truthfully, I invested well end $300 since I signed up very first just as a customer, then (because the course ns was going come succeed and sell this product later) ns upgraded come “be legit” as an Ambassador.

Even a fellow health seed who is one of my the next friends, (hi Samantha) told me that I have to avoid it since everything about it goes against my principles. I still do the efforts it, that’s just how desperate i was because that something that would work.