I recognize it sound trivial, however I've always wondered this... Is it simply so it's simpler on the animators -- so the they don't need to keep redrawing things every one of the time?


Most animation uses vectors nowadays. It's no hand drawn. For this reason yes, it provides it significantly easier. Plus, castle don't have to waste time thinking about how to dress the personality in the following episode.

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It's also around making the personality unique. The clothes come to be just as essential as the hairstyle or facial traits.

Ah, yes. An extremely true. I guess it would certainly be more difficult to recognize a personality if they always had different clothing on.

Having a collection model enables animators to draw faster, since they acquire used to illustration the same shapes. Colors space the very same way, you do one palette and also you never have actually to readjust it out.

I remember analysis (I think in one old Simpsons comic) the it would simply be also expensive to create and animate a brand-new outfit because that every character for every episode. Plus having actually the same garments kinda gives personalities their trademark outfit and easier because that cosplays and fan drawings and also recognition, in addition to keeping expenses low

Take a look at Mickie and Minnie. The only things different in between them room costume and her eyelashes. Cartoon characters have together simplified functions that their costume becomes a bit part of differentiating them.

On a behind the scenes Simpsons-thingy I when saw, castle spoke about the colours within the show. Choose if they to be to adjust the colour of your skin come a more caucasian colour castle would have actually to readjust the whole colour plan of the show, beacuse the preferred colours for the environment would look odd in comparison. I'm no saying the it is so, however I'm just saying that there most likely are a lot much more factors 보다 you would originally imagine, as soon as making an animated show. Additionally the rather are probably right together well. It conserves time.

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Largely it's about ensuring consistency between animators: no computer animation will be drawn by solitary person, therefore standardizing clothing is a means to make certain that the character is constantly 'on model' and also two scenes drawn by different world in different cities watch consistent.

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One notable exemption is the Cartoon Network regime Adventure Time, i beg your pardon has fairly low consistency in animation, but also dresses two of its characters in various costumes in almost every episode (Princess Bubblegum and Marcelene the Vampire Queen) http://www.cartoonnetwork.co.uk/blogs/marcelines-outfits-adventure-time-fashion

Whenever I check out Shonen Jump, the thing of Hikaru No Go seemed to have a different outfit for the main character every time i skimmed v it.