Many cats commonly roll in the dust which seems opposite come the common behavior of grooming and also licking its fur to save itself clean. If it may seem odd because that cat owners, dust baths space fun, quick ways for her cat come feel good and to assist them remove parasites from their fur.

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Reasons why cats roll in the dirt

While pet parents find dust shower or rolling in the ground renders their cats dirty, their cat have plenty of reasons why they perform so.

Cooling Down

On warm summer days, you may notice your cat spending an ext time in the dirt. The basic reason because that this is because it is hot and also your pet’s special coat and warm hair make it difficult for her to cool down. The layer underneath the bare dirt is soft, moist and also cool. If you have noticed her cat squirming and moving around, her cat may have actually been trying come brush the top layer of warm dirt come the cool, dark floor beneath.

When your cat is taking dust baths on warm days, make sure that you carry out other methods for your pet to cool down. Provide cold water and also give accessibility to cooler components of the house. If her cat is typically outside, carry out a location for castle to rest in the shade and also consider setup up one outdoor fan so that can catch a cool breeze.

Marking their Territory

Cats sometimes note their region by dispersing their odor by rojo on the ground. They use their scent glands on your cheeks, paws and also flanks to leaving a an individual scent. Noting is their way to keep any type of potential adversaries or rivals away. Cats leave their scent markers to tell other cats that they’ve been there and also claimed your spot. 

Cat ~ above Heat

Female cats roll ~ above the ground usually once they room in warm or ~ mating. They often tend to roll much more than usual to spread their pheromones. Pheromones transmit the characteristic smell of every cat and additionally signal details bodily transforms such as the right time to mate. They spread their pheromones full of your scent to attract all potential mates nearby.

It also could be detailed that female cat roll after mating. This might be due to their hormones and response to ovulation. They also roll ~ above the ground to remove the odor of a masculine cat prior to possibly relocating on to another male cat.


It could likewise be as straightforward as her cat wants to play. For some active cats, out is their playground. They love running around, climb the tree and chasing birds. Rolling in dirt can additionally be their way of obtaining entertained. With this reason,


If you prosper catnip in your yard, nothing wonder if your cat start to role in the ground. Catnip is a weed-like mint that has actually an energetic ingredient called nepetalactone. The an answer to this chemical is mediated v the cat’s olfactory system and binds to receptor in the sleep tissue once inhaled. This chemical mimics the impacts of a pheromone to reason a range of behaviors.

When a cat smells catnip, it deserve to exhibit weird behaviors like sniffing, likcing, head shaking, head rolling and also body rubbing. Rolling on the ground or dirt can likewise be an effect of catnip. Cat under the affect of catnip deserve to be funny to watch but there’s nothing to worry since catnip is non-addicting and also harmless.

Scratching one Itch

A basic reason why cat roll in dust is due to the fact that it scratches one itch they can’t reach. To relax the itchiness, they flop onto their backs and roll in dirt. Although scratching an itch deserve to look simple, it’s necessary to find out the reason of itchiness. Commonly itchiness is resulted in by fleas, ticks, mites or other tiny parasites. Check for bald spots or growths of skin, scabs and red point out beneath your cat’s hair if her cat is continually itching and also pulling at their own hair as they role in the dirt. When this happens, take her cat come the vet to have actually it treated.

Looking after their Digestive System

Rolling in dirt coats the fur with bacteria from the soil. Lock ingest these bacteria the following time lock groom us by licking your coat. In this odd way, cat supplement and replenish the bacteria in your gut, helping it keep their cradle tract. The bacteria plays a far-ranging role in the proper digestion of your food.

Should I issue when mine cat rolfes in the dirt?

Dust shower is common in a lot of other animals with special fur, including rabbits, chinchillas and number of birds. Also dogs and also horses reap dust shower or roll in snow, dust or mud. As defined above, most of the time rolling in the dust is an indication the your cat is just normal, happy or playful.

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If girlfriend think your cat is dust bathing since of fleas or ticks, shot an anti-parasite medicine or take your cat to the vet. If her cat mirrors no other indications of distress, it’s more than likely safe to say the it’s just enjoying the sensation of roll in dirt.