Your morning run was terrific! friend ran hard, and also it feel effortless. After all, running is an excellent type of cardiovascular exercise and also it deserve to supercharge your day.

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As you make the critical stretch home, you’re feeling good and your body has released a good amount of serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. However just after you’ve finished her run, or during the last bit, you start to feel the onset of a sore throat.

While you might think it’s just the cool, fresh morning air, there space a variety of factors that have the right to lead come a sore, dry throat after running.

Let’s have a look in ~ what can reason a sore neck after her run.

Reasons Why You acquire a Sore neck After a Run

Breathing through Your Mouth

As you run, the means you breathe changes as your muscles, respiratory system, and diaphragm work harder. Most runners have tendency to breathe v their mouth – enlarge hole, much more air, right? – and also the air that passes through the neck can cause irritation, i beg your pardon is recognized as pharyngitis.

Even if the wait temperature isn’t cold, it have the right to still bring about that scratchy feeling in the earlier of her throat. This doesn’t just take place to runners – that can influence people who room doing aerobics classes, spinning classes, or any form of physical activity.

When you’re running and also breathing, the waiting is drying out the earlier of your throat. Especially if you’re to run on a warm day or if friend haven’t hydrated enough, this could lead to inflammation of your throat.

There space two things that you deserve to do as soon as this happens. One of two people drink more water, or breathe through your nose.

While girlfriend may find it strange in ~ first, breathing with your nose serves a dual purpose. Your nasal passage will filter out dust and pollen while that warms increase the waiting on it’s means to your lungs, both of which minimize throat irritation.

The warm air will reason less irritation once it passes v your neck cavity and into the lungs. If you’re enduring nasal congestion, girlfriend may find that running can exacerbate nasal secretions, which will result in you running through your mouth open.

Acid Reflux

There can be another reason behind your sore throat: mountain reflux, i m sorry is also known as reflux laryngitis.

Acid reflux can occur at any time while you’re doing physics activity, together the band of muscle at the bottom that the esophagus—lower esophageal sphincter— lets stomach acid and enzymes circulation upwards right into the esophagus.

You may not also display any kind of of the typical symptoms the are linked with acid reflux, such together heartburn, bloatedness, burping, nausea, hiccups, or having the sensation that you have food grounding in your throat (dysphagia).

With reflux laryngitis—silent reflux— you might experience symptom like having actually a very hoarse voice, bitter or tart taste in ~ the back of your mouth, the need to clear your neck excessively, a burn sensation in the throat, coughing, or the feeling of a bump in your throat.

Exercise have the right to lead come intra-abdominal pressure, which in turn creates mountain reflux symptoms. To avoid acid reflux as soon as you run, stop running top top an north or really full stomach. If friend haven’t eaten, have actually a tiny snack like a banana, yogurt, a slice of toast, or even some whole-grain cereal before hitting the road.

If you’ve had a huge meal, climate it’s finest to protect against running for at least three to 4 hours. This will allow your stomach come settle and also your lower esophageal sphincter need to remain closed.


Sometimes you have the right to leave the house feeling fine, and halfway v your run, you construct a sore throat. This deserve to be because of seasonal allergies and also you’ve simply run previous a point out that has actually a lot of pollen.


While girlfriend may generally be resistant to allergies, as soon as you’re to run it might be feasible that you’re inhaling a lot more of the allergen than you generally would.

You might feel as though you’ve started with a cold, together you can be sneezing, have a ill throat, and also feel tired. Depending on how her body reacts, you might have redness and also itching roughly the nose and eyes.

If you’re suffering a ill throat, have actually a look at the setting you’re running through. Is the dry and also dusty, or has actually the temperature changed? The air might just be dry through low level of humidity, i m sorry could create a sore neck after running.

When periods change, you may experience a ill throat once running in the at an early stage morning or so late evenings, together the air might be chillier than you might realize.

Ways to stop It

You might not be able to control where the dust or pollen is, however there are actions you deserve to take to help you stop a sore neck after her run. The first thing you can try is breathing with your nose while you run.

Breath with Your Nose

It won’t be simple at first, especially when you want to run at your complete pace. You may forget to try or struggle to get sufficient breath in. It’s best to try breathing v your nose in intervals. Girlfriend can try breathing in through your nose and out your mouth till you discover your “breathing rhythm”.

You can additionally start by running at a pace wherein you’re may be to breath easily, and then speak to you yourself if you’re no running through someone. The aim is because that you come speak at the very least three full sentences without having to gasp because that air. If you can speak in full sentences without gasping, then try to keep this pace.

Ideally, you desire to find a breath pattern the feels natural to you, yet to aid you get much more oxygen into your device while running at much faster paces you have the right to practice diaphragmatic breathing.

Finding the appropriate breathing method for your style of running will aid to boost your running performance, also as assist you run an ext effectively also if you’re running a marathon.

Wear A Neck Gaiter

When the season’s changing and the wait is colder, or if you an alert that there’s an ext pollen, dust, or pollution on her running route, try wearing a neck gaiter or balaclava.

Neck gaiters room breathable, however also assist to insulate your breath therefore you’re not breathing in cold waiting or breath in more allergens and also dust if running.

Run Indoors

If you tend to operation in the park or run trails throughout peak pollen season, then you can additionally switch to to run indoors on a treadmill or indoor track for a while. This will enable you to keep up v your training regimen without having actually a sore throat.

If you have a treadmill in ~ home, you have the right to always set up the humidifier in the room to rise the humidity. This will assist to avoid a sore neck while to run at home.

Stay Hydrated

Keep you yourself hydrated throughout the day and also have part water before you walk on her run. You have the right to take sips of water every couple of minutes to save your neck moisturized while running, rather of preventing for water at your usual spots.


Avoid having too much salt, alcohol, or coffee prior to you start, as this deserve to lead to you having a really dry mouth. The can influence your running performance and also you may feel dehydrated during your operation as well.

Treatment the a ill Throat

Thankfully, if you have actually a sore neck there room a number of remedies friend can try at home to assist alleviate the irritation and inflammation.

Honey is recognized for its soothing properties, and also you have the right to either have a teaspoon of honey by itself or you have the right to make tea and add some honey and lemon. Lemons room high in vitamin C, and they can also aid to reduce pain and break increase mucus.

If friend don’t have actually honey, you can dissolve a quarter or half a tespoon of salt in eight ounces of heat water, and add a soluble aspirin come the saltwater mixture. Gargle v the mixture every 2 to 3 hours and also this will help to reduce the inflammation, pain and also irritation in the throat.

Some people likewise find relief from drink cold water or eat something cold. This can aid give you prompt relief from the irritation. Girlfriend can likewise use throat lozenges after ~ a operation to soothe her throat, and also they deserve to come in handy if friend still need to go into the office and also you’re no at home to make a heat or cold beverage.

While you might want to reach because that antibiotics to resolve your sore throat, they’re designed to fight bacteria. Ours throats aren’t designed come filter and also capture pollen and dust, and also it might be these irritants or a virus that might be causing the sore throat. It’s encourage to protect against antibiotics.

If you’ve had actually a big or spicy meal, you may want to take it an mountain reflux pill one hour before you plan on walking on her run. This will help to clear up your stomach and also prevent acid reflux when you’re running.

What If mine Sore throat Remains?

Common feeling tells us that not all ill throats space the an outcome of how we breathe when exercising, or just how much pollen is in the air. The over suggestions we’ve made should assist to protect against a sore throat from running-induced reasons.

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However, if you’re still suffering a sore neck after having actually tried our proposal or her throat seems to be obtaining worse, then it would be ideal to watch your medical professional for additional treatment.