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In most zombie movies the undead just go after humans who room alive. Why is that?

This applies also to the "Infected" prefer the ones indigenous the movie, "28 job Later" and "Dawn of the Dead" which, in mine opinion ns don"t think space technically dead.

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What stays clear of zombies native attacking every other?



This question has been attracting negative answers because that a while. It's much too broad: every universe has its own rules, which may or might not involve zombie attacking every other. You can perhaps rotate this question into one around Romero's movies and what the inspired, if friend think few of the answers below are precious salvaging.
In Marvel Zombies, castle did when they"d exhausted their other food supplies.

But castle complained the whole time - apparently the dead taste terrible, no matter exactly how well you cook "em.

In various other mythologies, it varies. In "Return that the life Dead" lock eat braaaaaaaaains...and zombies don"t have actually those (they require the electric impulses of the living brain to dull the pains of gift dead).

In the various other "Dead" movies (Romero"s) they look for living flesh. If that isn"t warm, they leave it be.

In Monster Island (and the sequels) the dead look for the power of the living, i beg your pardon (most) take it via usage - the dark energies that fill the dead don"t cure (or benefit) various other zombies (unless they kept their intellect).

In short, it"s a conceit that the genre, and each author gives the his own spin (or doesn"t - some simply don"t deal with it).

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There are number of angles to tackle this from.

Plot - if castle did, they"d all tear each various other apart pretty quickly, and there wouldn"t be any threat.Mythopoetic - zombies are an alleged to stand for a type of latent pester fear, or fear of mortality, or in basic the "Things fall Apart" mentality. Having actually them strike each other doesn"t offer to underscore this point, so that doesn"t happen.In-universe - relies on the particulars. In Shaun that the Dead, it"s mannerisms favor moaning, and the gait; in The walking Dead, it"s the odor (and also sounds).

Thinking about it, i guess the was never made perfectly clean in the 28 work movies. I could definitely see those males tearing each other apart. But I think in general, the idea is the the zombies space able to differentiate their food (us) from various other zombies in some way.

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Turning right into a zombie transforms the perception of the creature. They frequently act as if they aren"t aware of every other. Also when they space swarming, you view zombies climbing end each other, trying to with the living. They space not functioning together, so much as they are all after the very same objective.

The adjust in perception can make them see other zombies together allies (or harmless / non food things) together opposed come the living, which are food. In I am Legend (the novel, i beg your pardon influenced and popularized the ide of zombie apocalypse) the infected observed un-infected together monsters / food, and also saw each various other as normal.

From Wikipedia ns Am Legend Novel

..but fear and also hate Neville, that has damaged some of their people in addition to the , during his daytime excursions versus the latter.

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You could say being infected provides normal human beings look favor this:


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The only trouble is the lately I simply keep running right into really delicious feather people, just really pink and fleshy, through brains that just melt in her mouth. They need to be like, a million calories. Ns guess I just need come start avoiding bunkers and fortified structures entirely, due to the fact that they"re always chock complete of tempting, tasty-looking people.