If you’re wonder why your crush refuses to do a move, there space plenty of potential reasons why he hasn’t kissed friend yet. Don’t give up hope that you’re ever before going to it is in together. A relationship can be appropriate down the road; girlfriend just need to be patient. Right here are every one of the potential factors why he there is no kissed you... Yet.

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1 Slow and Steady

Maybe he’s still recovering native his critical breakup. Probably he wants to obtain to understand you better first. Either way, he might be crazy around you, however doesn’t desire to mess points up. Among the potential factors why he hasn’t kissed you is since the right time there is no come. He could be dying to press his lips against yours, but he knows the he needs to wait until you’re both prepared in order because that it to be extra special.


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2 combined Signals

For some reason, men find us females confusing. You can think you’re sending him clean signals, however he can not watch them. If he can not tell whether or no you like him back, climate he’s walking to be wary that kissing you. Nobody likes rejection, after all. If you think he’s confused around your feelings, the ideal thing you can do is level out phone call him just how you feel.


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3 Perfect Moment

Some men are romantics. He could be waiting for the best place and also time to kiss you. Why settle for a boring kiss on her doorstep when he might give girlfriend a memorable moment? He might be planning a fancy date that’ll end in the kiss that a lifetime. You never know.


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4 no Interested

We can’t ignore this possibility. If a man hasn’t kissed you and also you’ve given him every opportunity to carry out so, he can not share your feelings. Nothing be uncomfortable if this is the case. You will do it find one more man that’ll be dice to kiss you in no time.


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5 lot of Interests

You can not it is in the just girl the he has feelings for. Till he figures out if you the one he wants to be with, he’s putting off kissing you. The doesn’t desire to command you on and also then decide the he wants to be with someone else. He’s refraining indigenous kissing you in order come spare her feelings.


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6 Friendship First

If you’ve to be friends because that a while, it’s natural that he’d it is in worried around ruining your relationship. He’s no kissing you, because he cares about you as well much. That doesn’t want to risk losing you together a friend. Of course, wgc2010.org requires you to take risks. If friend think her friendship is the reason he’s putting off the kiss, sit down and talk come him about his worries.


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7 just Plain Nervous

He’s no as confident together he looks! everyone gets a tiny jittery once they’re roughly their crush. If that likes girlfriend as much as you prefer him, he can be nervous to go in for the kiss. In stimulate to make things less complicated for him, present him the you’re as passionate as that is. Nothing be fear to hold eye contact or admire his luscious lips.

There room plenty of potential factors why he there is no kissed you yet, for this reason don’t instantly assume that he’s uninterested. Space you wait for your crush to make a move? execute you think it’ll occur anytime soon?


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Mb2016 Why? due to the fact that he"s literally 1000 miles far :"(


Ale He hasnt kissed me yet and also we"ve been date for a year and also 2 months, must i it is in freaking the end yet or not?


michelle I"m tough to read. However after making irradiate of the situation it"ll take place on our following outing. I"m sure of it. .


willow As a male, ladies great luck with this one. This is the component where it can make an awkward friendship or the begin of a relationship, and also male and also Female ate reasoning a like. Therefore you have to weigh the up.. Repair a friendship after an awkward kiss or miss out on a good partner..


Claudia Yeah I"m tho waiting...even after ~ 2 months going out...talking.... Just how long will I wait? By text massage he mirrors that he yes, really want, challenge to face....nothing!


Claudia, the is awkward he has comfort with texting, however terrified to make the an initial move. Kiss him very first and that will end up being easier from then. Look in ~ it this means 90 percent of the difficult work is done reason he has actually told you exactly how he feels.

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Laydee'Reecey Some guys are for this reason thick top that also after friend tell them just how you really feel they either pretend lock didnt get it or they"ll use your feelings versus you


Dawna Or you may have actually a Stache the seriously requirements to be waxed off


Camille Ha i dated a man once that didn"t kiss me after we had talked quite a bit and also then had actually an amazing an initial real date, that walked me to mine car and just kissed mine hand sweetly and I assumed to myself wtf? He called me top top the method home and told me to pull over right into a parking lot therefore he could kiss me.....I told the no the was weird and also he"d have to take me out again, which he did. The was a fun partnership sadly us weren"t yes, really in the same location in life at that time and it didn"t work out.


Zafeerah Or no link at all. Haha!


Chloe My boyfriend didnt kiss me because that a while since he didnt desire to feel like he was rushing me. He to be my first boyfriend. So i guess it was a mix of 1 and also 6. (We to be friends first)