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Can I indicate you:Get fuckedWhile you lie around child-molesting gropesAnd parkbench flashers and pervert creepsAnd anal virginity and also polaroid snapsAnd verbal abuse and also bathroom rapesI don't know exactly how well friend can:Remember your very own pointless glue-sniffing adolescenceThat fumbling floppy s**In between fagsThose pathetic fistfightsAll those pathetic petty theftsAnd this and that and this and also that and also this and also thatAnd every various other fucking Adidas-clichd cringeCan I indicate you:PoseWhile friend take one more frantic glance at her shopwindow reflectionEnsuring the stinking lie is maintainedBecause that's the difference between youYes, that's the difference between youYou'll permit a leering scumbag beerdrinking ratRaise your nostrils because that a close-up smellOf fingertip nicotine and animal fatAnd pressure an open up dead mouthLap up ounces that semichem sweatSo deserve to you feeling that:Would be a important truly poisonous thing?And that's the difference between meI'll open up the packageI'll watch the showI'll enjoy perfectly well-made artI'll acquire in line behind stupidityI'll let friend lie through your teethI'll make you feel specialI'll not pick out the mistake in publicI'll simply put it under to passionAnd feigned storage lapseWhat did you want to be once you prosper up?Certainly no rapedThat's the difference between youA drunk? A drug addictA motherly protector that the young?Another bed-staining c***?A child molestor that demands to it is in told?Or just a craven lust-driven artistChannelling confusion and also fearInto a sickly limp recurring craftYes, that's the difference in between youYou'll plot late and surprisedYou to speak you loved s**?You'll love being hated because that the actThe filthier the abuse and also the no hope underage detailsThe fatter the paybackSo rather than just listenBe transformed by what's to be saidNow that's the difference between meI'll present you emotional truthI'll display you the fucking sourceI'll display you yet an additional fucking liarAnd this is because that the youI'll present you the something that provides you:Feel differentFeel specialI'll give you:ThoughtsImagesSoundsI'll provide the you somethingEven much more interesting than the critical oneAnd I'll tell you why it's the ideal one yetAnd climate you have the right to look ago on that allAnd say:This is the finest thing that ever happened come meAnd see:Why you never became a dancer