“A pain in the neck” is a familiar euphemism, however it’s a an extremely real point to anyone suffering from a pinched nerve. It’s also more common 보다 you’d think—experts calculation that 85 in 100,000 Americans attend to pinched nerve pain.

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Also dubbed nerve compression, a pinched nerve occurs when your bones or soft tissue place pressure on a nerve. This can reason pain, numbness, and also tingling along your spine or down your arms or legs. Sciatica, tennis elbow, and carpal tunnel syndrome space common species of “pinched nerve” pain.

So here’s the million-dollar question: need to you gain a massage because that a pinched nerve? deserve to massage therapy help with nerve pain? and also if it does, what kind of massage is best?

Keep analysis for the answers!

Massage because that a Pinched Nerve: Does it Help?

There isn’t a an easy “yes” or “no” answer, as it counts on what’s leading to your pinched nerve. Let’s summary look at 2 common reasons of pinched nerves to learn if and also when massage therapy can help.

A Pinched Nerve caused by Soft Tissues

You might automatically assume the a pinched nerve is a spinal problem, however that’s not constantly true. For some people, your pinched nerve pain results from chop muscles, ligament, or tendons.

For example, a repetitive strain injury (RSI) in your wrist areas pressure on the average nerve and can cause carpal tunnel syndrome. A job of skiing or cycling deserve to tighten the muscle in her low earlier and hip, placing pressure on the sciatic nerve and also causing pain under your leg.

In these cases, massage therapy have the right to offer safe, efficient relief for her symptoms. One of the key goals of massage is come encourage her muscles come soften, lengthen, and relax. If soft tissues space the cause of her nerve compression, massage can ease few of that painful press off the nerve.

Of course, you might not experience full relief native one massage session, specifically if you’ve had actually the pain for a long time. A series of weekly or monthly massages, however, could assist your human body to cure itself.

A Pinched Nerve caused by Spinal Compression

Have you to be diagnosed v a herniated bowl or another spinal problem that’s developing nerve pain? have the right to massage help?

Well, keep in mind that massage therapists work on your body’s soft tissues, no your bones. If you do seek massage therapy for your pinched nerve pain, your therapist will only massage the associated muscles, ligaments, and also tendons—not on the impacted bone or disc.

What does this mean? while it’s true the massage treatment will no “fix” a herniated key (or a comparable problem), it can give you some relief in the meantime. A massage will relax the impacted muscles and also take few of the pressure off the nerve, making it a an useful addition to your recovery plan.

Of course, you’ll desire to get your doctor’s approval before you take into consideration a massage (or any kind of other treatment) because that pinched nerve ache relief. You’ll also want to explain your condition to your therapist before the session begins so they can tailor the therapy to your body’s needs.

Looking for Relief native Pinched Nerve Pain?

To treat your pinched nerve, your doctor might prescribe chiropractic care, cortisone injections, or (in major cases) surgery. It really relies on what’s happening v your body and also what form of therapy you great to pursue.

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But if you’re in search of a safe, natural, and also effective means to address pinched nerve pain, massage treatment is a good option! A relaxing swedish massage can be best for her body, while others can get more relief native a deep tissue massage.

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