Witcher 3"s Blood and Wine DLC is just one of the biggest, most ambitious DLC package in recent memory, featuring a whole new region to explore. We"ll present you just how to gain to the brand-new Kingdom of Toussaint, and also what level you"ll have to be to regulate once you"re there.

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How to Play Blood and also Wine

The vast bulk of Blood and Wine takes location in Toussaint, a new area added that"s strongly reminiscent of middle ages Southern France. In order to get there, you"ll have to finish a search in Velen licensed has been granted "Envoys, Wineboys", which will then get you accessibility to Toussaint and the rest of the DLC. As soon as you complete this quest, you"ll have the ability to go come Toussaint as lot as girlfriend like, whenever friend like.

What room the Level needs for Blood and also Wine?

While girlfriend technically don"t need to be a details level to play this DLC, it"s quite clear the the developers developed it come be late game/endgame content, because that those that had currently completed most of Witcher 3"s content and were in search of something rather to do. The game suggests that friend don"t attempt the Envoys, Wineboys pursuit until you"re level 34, and we wouldn"t disagree, together all the opponents in Blood and also Wine will certainly be this an effective or even more so. Inexperienced Witchers are likely to obtain killed over and also over if they try this high-level mission, a demoralizing experience to to speak the least.

The pair of flamboyant knights in Holloway will certainly take you come Toussaint. | Joel Franey/wgc2010.org, CD Projekt Red

Where to gain the "Envoys, Wineboys" Quest

The quest to take you come Toussaint is uncovered on any bounty board in Velen, accessed by selecting a letter named: "Appeal to teacher Geralt that Rivia, the leg his Crest". It"s a letter come Geralt from part Knights of Toussaint, questioning for his help. If girlfriend think you"re all set for this high-level quest, head come the city of Holloway to accomplish them. There"ll be part fights before they take you come the brand-new region, yet it won"t it is in long before you"re walking v the dappled vineyards that Toussaint, encountering strange new characters and monsters aplenty.

The Envoys, Wineboys mission deserve to potentially include a battle with bandits, depending on your choice. | Joel Franey/wgc2010.org, CD Projekt Red

But regardless of being beautiful, this new world is not without that is dangers. If you want to be well-prepared because that the hazards ahead, why not take a look in ~ our overview on adrenaline in combat? Or if you"re planning to stay and also absorb several of the culture back home, inspect out our overview to putting on Priscilla"s play in Novigrad.

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