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PDF | 2 pages|Grades: 3 - 6

Print the end these electricity Word wall surface Vocabulary cards and cut them follow me the line. Stick them up roughly your room come immerse your students in the content particular vocabulary.

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A blank sheet is also listed for any kind of extra words that your students may want to add.

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Words include:

current, circuit, component, electricity, heat energy, electron, proton, neutron, fee particles, insulator, conductor, natural gas, joule, watt, transformers, transformed, voltage, substation, solar panel, cell, solar electricity, static electricity, alternating current, nonrenewable, renewable, coal, geothermal energy, an unfavorable charge, hopeful charge, energy, semiconductors, power, wind power, cells, battery, fossil fuel, magnetism, uranium, wattage, sustainable, atom power, magnet, strength station, strength plant, nuclear power, chemical energy, turbine, generator, light energy, electrical energy.

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electricity Vocabulary
electric current electric circuit electricity
heat energy electrons circuit
charged particles insulators
conductors natural gas
joule watt greenhouse gases
transformers voltage ions
solar cell solar energy
static electricity quick circuit vibration
parallel circuit electrolyte electrodes
alternating current current charged
Non-renewable resources coal alternators
geothermal energy an adverse charges positive charges
electric energy semiconductors power
wind power cells battery
fossil fuel magnetism circuit breakers
wattage sustainable energy
atom energy vapor engine thermal energy
magnetic energy power station nuclear power
climate change clean energy chemistry energy
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