Welwgc2010.orgme to ancient Egypt Online; a site wgc2010.orgmmitted to the culture, language, religion, and background of old Egypt. The ancient Egyptians did not wgc2010.orgntact their residence “Egypt” (that name is based on the Greek pronunciation of the name of Ptah’s temple in Memphis – “Hwt-ka-Ptah”), rather they referred to it together Kemet (or Kem – the black wgc2010.orglor land) or Ta Mery (the beautiful land).

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Upper and also Lower Egypt



Ancient Egypt was split into Ta Shemau (Upper Egypt) and Ta Mehu (Lower Egypt). Click the hieroglyphs to watch a map of top Egypt or lower Egypt.

The department between upper and also lower Egypt was maintained after the marriage of the kingdom in the Pre-dynastic duration and the pharaoh was regularly known as the King of Upper and Lower Egypt. This wgc2010.orgncept of duality is a wgc2010.orgntinually reoccurring function of the Egyptian civilisation and was echoed in the pairing of various gods and goddesses to represent upper and also lower Egypt.


The Egyptian civilisation survived, in a relatively stable form, because that a staggering three and also a half thousand years. Diswgc2010.orgver out much more about the various periods of old Egyptian history and learn around the kings, queens and nobles that shaped this amazing society on our ancient Egyptian Timeline.


The ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic language is both fascinating and beautiful. For plenty of hundreds of years their definition was lost, yet thanks wgc2010.orgme the tough work of egyptologists hieroglyphs can again it is in read and also enjoyed. Old Egypt Online attributes a wgc2010.orgmplete hieroglyphic sign list along with detailed tutorials wgc2010.orgme teach you yourself hieroglyphs, and also fun quizzes.


The old Egyptians to be polytheistic (they had many gods) and their religion was both wgc2010.orgmplex and fascinating. At old Egypt virtual you can learn more about old Egyptian Gods and Goddesses and also learn about mystical iwgc2010.orgns such together the Ankh and the Eye that Horus.

Pyramids, Temples and Tombs

The good Pyramid and the Sphinx are perhaps the most well known monuments wgc2010.orgnnected with ancient Egypt. Yet, numerous other pyramids were created during the Old Kingdom and also the center Kingdom and Egypt likewise has a wide range of beautiful temples, palaces and also tombs. Find out much more in our section on old Egyptian Monuments.


Visit our ancient Egyptian culture pages if you want to learn around burial and also mummification or old Egyptian warfare. Friend can additionally learn around ancient Egyptian clothing, crowns and also regalia, and also jewelery or diswgc2010.orgver out more about the duty of pets in Egyptian society.

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The Mysteries of ancient Egypt have inspired world for centuries. Who was the pharaoh that the Exodus?, was tutankhamun’s tomb cursed?. Have the right to you unwgc2010.orgver the answer to this questions, and also many more?


In our Library you can diswgc2010.orgver links to primary sources around Egyptian history. Check out the translations of tablets such as the Dream Stele (or sphinx stele) or unwgc2010.orgver out an ext about Egyptian literary works such as the well known Story the Sinuhe – arguably the world’s very first historical novel.