Sworn to protect a civilization that hates and also fears them, the X-MEN hit for tranquility in a civilization at war through itself. And also now, thanks to X-MEN: THE RAVAGES the APOCALYPSE, your computer is wherein that battle is gift fought.

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X-MEN: THE RAVAGES that APOCALYPSE is the very first commercial full conversion to feature a high file property! So girlfriend must already own QUAKE to run X-MEN: THE RAVAGES of APOCALYPSE. A complete CONVERSION means New Characters... New Locations... Brand-new Sequences... And new Weapons! A totally brand-new Game!

X-MEN: THE RAVAGES the APOCALYPSE is already swallowing people whole, transforming them right into X-MEN & QUAKE zombies, who only live come fight the ongoing struggle against Apocalypse.

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X-MEN: Ravages that Apocalypse TCSep 22 2005Full version 4 comments

This is the full release of the X-MEN TC because that Quake. It additionally contains the v1.11 patch and setup program.

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I beat this mod in Quakespasm and, just how soundtrack in this video game works? i didn\"t set up it, ns play faster way for the game.


Someone have actually the \"Music\" since my CD is damaged i can\"t extract the monitor from the five to seven , dont occupational my cd .

I need it in \"ogg\" format , for use with \"darkplaces\" engine plase


I found on this website -> Quaddicted.com

i am linux user , i require use \"wget\" (a download manager) , because directly from web internet browser dont download for me , yet with the download mananger i have the right to download , and now i have complete music

i use darkplaces engine you can put music in ogg like


Quake1//sound/cdtracks : for example


and the tracks must be dubbed \"track0##.ogg\" (track001.ogg)

u have the right to play this mode with various other engines rather darkplaces in linux? and also with darkplaces u beat this mod, how must setup the files and what are not need?

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