Description: 5 secs sound clip from the The Waterboy (1998) movie soundboard.

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You have the right to hear this line at 00:49:37 in the Blu-ray version of the movie.

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- Looks favor we ended up in Retardville, USA.

- Hey, waterboy, girlfriend fixin" to tackle every one of us?

- absent his water-lovin" ass, Greg.

- ns asked friend a question, dumbass.

- You also exhale, and I will certainly saw your head off.

- You can do it! reduced his fucking head off!

- host it, hold it. Simply a minute. Currently what is the trouble here, honey? ns mean, whatever it is, us don"t want this to obtain physical.

- Right, Klein?

- your team actin" prefer a bunch that shitheads.

- Not how ambassadors for the college of Louisiana are claimed to act.

- So now you just get back on the bus.


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The Waterboy (1998) Sound Clip


Sound bites that the funniest estimates from The Waterboy (1998) movie soundboard which have the right to be used as ringtones or custom computer system sounds. Every the audio papers are in wav and mp3 format.

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Actors: Adam Sandler (Bobby Boucher), Kathy Bates (Helen "Mama" Boucher), Henry Winkler (Coach Klein), Fairuza Balk (Vicki Vallencourt), Jerry Reed (Coach Red Beaulieu), Blake Clark (Farmer Fran), Jonathan Loughran (Lyle Robideaux)

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