Dragon CaveCheat Codes:------------Submitted by: RMUpdate by: UnknownWeird Secret-about eggs:------------------------You have actually 2 steal them, yet people can outbeat you. The least type egg that theywill steal is these: 1.If other is wrong through it. (Like a soft shell).2.If it"s violet,for part reason.Egg description:----------------Puddle Dragon - This egg seems to it is in floating top top a puddle.Blue Dragon - This egg is slimy and blue.Water dragon - This egg is sit in a shallow puddle.Gaurdian dragon - This egg is sitting in former of the others.Magi dragon - This egg has an orange aura radiating native it.Mint dragon - This egg is concealed behind the others, as if the is shy.Green dragon - This egg is sit in a heap of little pebbles.Skywing dragon - This egg has strange markings top top it.White dragon - This egg has a very clean look. It"s fully devoid of dirt and scratches.Red dragon - This egg is rather warm.Purple dragon - Wow, purple isn"t a color of egg you expected to see.Black dragon - This egg has actually a faint eco-friendly glow around it.Gray dragon - This egg is surrounding by fog.Pink dragon - It"s bright. And also pink.Dark environment-friendly dragon - This egg is sitting in a job of grass and small flowers even though there"s no sunlight in the cave.Gold dragon - This egg is an extremely reflective, practically metallic looking.Silver dragon - This egg gives off a beautiful glowStone dragon - This egg is heavy and rough, as if it to be made out of rock.Two top dragon - This egg is split down the middle right into two colors.Paper dragon - the is made the end of paper, and is so tiny and irradiate or domething that claims folded piece of paper.Chicken - This egg is a third the size of the other eggs.Yellow dinosaur - This egg looks choose it doesn"t belong, that is brightly colored v white spots. It"s much heavier 보다 the various other eggs.Red dinosaur - This egg looks choose it doesn"t belong, the is brightly colored v white spots. It"s much warmer 보다 the rest of the eggs.Blue dinosaur - This egg looks choose it doesn"t belong, that is brightly colored through white spots. It"s much lighter 보다 the other eggs.Green dinosaur - This egg looks choose it doesn"t belong, it is brightly colored through white spots.Times whereby Eggs have the right to Be Usaully be Found:-----------------------------------------I have noticed because that the past 5 days that at the times of 4-7 to be the cavern or exit eggs keep having a stable amount of eggs.But your ideal bet is to walk on in ~ 1-4 to be if it"s feasible because the apparent reason is nobody is on.Get over an ext then 4 Eggie:------------------------------If girlfriend got 4 dragons Eggie, if you acquired female dragon and breed v a maleand you obtain a various other egg and then you through have five egg shot it the end its 5 to over eggie, in pleasure this cheat, female have the right to breed when a day.Egg summary 4:------------------They relax dragon caves 15-20 minute after an hour. Likewise every 5 minutes.Also will provide descriptions for holiday dragons also though they have actually been over.-=Rares=-Valentine Egg= This egg is speckled and really fragile.Vampire Dragon: This egg appears cold and also dead.Christmas 2007 = This egg gas festive colors and a holly leaf stuck come it.Christmas 2008 = This egg has actually festive markings.Leetle Tree = oh My. Over there is a leetle tree among the eggs.Neglected Dragon = This egg look at sickly and untaken care of.-=New Releases the still exist=-Frill Dragon = This egg has strange markings ~ above it.Geode Dragon = This egg is heavy and feels choose if made out of rock. (They means to gain a geode is come breed stone Dragon X rock Dragon)New Pink Sprites = It"s bright and pink.DayDream Dragon = This egg is sit on a cloud.Sunset Dragon = This egg is glowing as brightly together the sun.Sunrise Dragon = This egg is glowing together brightly together the sun.Balloon Dragon = This light egg is floating in the air.Red/Purple Dorsal dragon = This egg has multiple bands of color on it.WhipTail dragons = This egg shakes from time to time, together if it is passionate to hatch.White/Red/Green/Blue strip Dragon = This egg has brightly fancy markings on it.(You need to breed details dragons with the white strip to acquire blue, red and Green strip dragons.)Green Eggie:------------Submitted by: JillianNo one seems to desire the light environment-friendly eggs. An extremely time i go to the exit eggs pagethere are constantly so numerous green ones! so, if you desire a eco-friendly one, over there are always plenty the those!Egg description 5:------------------Submitted by: HamielSeasonal dragons take on the qualities of the season they space born in. Thus, egg that room laid in spring match the pink flowers and also green buds of Spring, and those that are laid in the summer prosper to depict the bright environment-friendly of the forest trees and also the yellow the the sun. Eggs laid in Autumn screen the bright color ofleaves falling from trees, and also those that are laid during Winter take on the figure of the icy snow.Autumn Dragon - The markings top top this egg match the weather outside.Summer Dragon - The markings ~ above this egg complement the weather outside.Winter Dragon - The markings on this egg match the weather outside.Spring Dragon - The markings on this egg enhance the weather outside.Egg summary 5:------------------Submitted by: HamielAlbino Dragon - You have the right to see the baby dragon cutting up within this translucent egg.Pygmy Dragon - This egg is so tiny you practically didn"t see it.Alt Vine Dragon - This egg is sitting in a job of grass and little flowers even though there"s no sun in the cave.Alt black - This egg has a faint green glow around it.Undead Dragon - N/A (Kill a hatchling and also revive it. 50% success rate)Vine Dragon - This egg is sitting in a patch of grass and small flowers even though there"s no sun in the cave.Egg description 5:------------------Submitted by: Hamiel(33.33% opportunity of acquiring Frilled, Ochredrake or Skywing egg from the caves)Frilled Dragon - This egg has strange markings on it.Frilled dragons are smaller than many other breeds, yet when threatened, they stretch out their wings and also frills to show up larger. They typically do not like to fight, and also prefer hiding come confrontation. Frilled dragons live in little groups and often band with each other to scare off potential threats. Males likewise use their frills together a means to attractmates, v those displaying the "best" frills being more likely to breed.Ochredrake Dragon - This egg has strange markings on it.Ochredrakes room a curious species, v a broad array of mutations and interesting behaviours. No as clever as normal dragons, they just breed with various other drake species. If they might not be bright, ocredrakes are flamboyant and fun-loving withamazing, chirping voices to song with, and also tame easily in the confront of a tenderness hand.Skywing Dragon - This egg has actually strange markings top top it.Skywing dragons spend many of their stays flying in the air. They hunt from the air, diving at food from above, and land only to rest. Lock are one of the more quickly fliers,capable of incredibly high speeds. The webbing at the finish of the tail acts together a rudder,allowing them to easily readjust direction during flight.How to get rare and also uncommon dragons:-------------------------------------by Unregistered Apr 23, 2012 I have actually realized if on dragoncave the if you space on the website for a very long time,perhaps an hour at the least, then the rarely dragons start to display up. What I occasionally do is simply watch youtube videos or inspect my email while over there is one more tab open on dragoncave and check the abandoned and also cave locations every once and also a while, climate after ahour or two inspect back. An additional cheat to gaining rare and also uncommon egg is visiting dragoncave in the morning, around 2 to be to 4 to be because, obviously, nobody is on at thattime, therefore the rare and also uncommons could be checked out at that time. Lastly, this is a tiny but true fact; no one is ever in the cave anymore.

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Most dragoncave users are in the abondoned area, so take my advice, and also go come the cave, due to the fact that theres hardly ever anybody in there. In the cavern you might find some really rarely dragons such as the cheese, or maybe a legendary.The cavern is wherein I got my legend trio, magma!