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“Oh my God, Karen, friend Can’t simply Ask who Why They"re White” is a memorable quote indigenous the 2004 comedy film average Girls. Top top Tumblr, number of variations that the quote has actually been incorporated into multi-pane picture macros portraying a socially aer or personally invasive conversation among three or much more characters from renowned TV shows and films.

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The catchphrase originates from a collection of lines from the 2004 comedy median Girls.<1> In the movie Karen smith (Amanda Seyfried) asks Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) “So if you’re native Africa, why space you white?” come which Gretchen Wieners (Lacey Chabert) admonishes “Oh my god Karen, girlfriend can’t simply ask people why lock white.”

One that the first edited version of the quote was used to Harry Potter, v Harry asking Voldemort "Why don"t you have a nose," and also Dumbledore admonishing "God Harry, girlfriend can"t ask world people why lock don"t have actually noses." The quote showed up online as early on as December 4th, 2010, on Yahoo! Answers.<2>



On march 15th, 2011, Tumblr user perfectlikegaston<3> posted picture with the quote edited to be around Rebecca Black. Together of august 2014, the article has obtained over 700 notes.


On December 11th, 2012, Tumblr user meangirlsofcapitolhill<4> posted picture with the quote edited to be about an too many tan politician. Together of august 2014, the short article gained end 500 notes.


On January 10th, 2014, Tumblr user khaleesi-of-dreams<5> posted an edited version of the quote to be around the Disney film The Hunchback the Notre Dame.

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as of respectable 2014, the post has acquired over 100 notes.



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