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I don't know when us feel apartThe love the we had was like a occupational of artI used to see heaven in her eyesNow angels room falling from your skiesThings we said were for this reason wrongAnd i haven't hosted you because that so longMy foolish pride turns me insideWhy did us tell every those lies?You have the right to reach for the phoneYou don't need to be alone>Outside the winter appears so cold (cold)Your love is frozen favor the snow (snow)And there's no one home to store you safe and also warmYour eyes space red since you've cry (cried)You dropped asleep by the fireside (fireside)But there's one point you should knowOn this Christmas, babyYou don't need to be aloneAnd I had only one wish on mine listFor me, you would be the perfect gift, five yeahThere's nothing chillier than an empty home(Empty home) five noAnd holidays were never meant to it is in alone(To be alone) YeahThe smiles we provided when our hearts were safeBy each other's love and also warmthThat's subsided now, no pleasure aroundIf I have the right to only discover a means to her heart
Outside the winter appears so cold (so cold, therefore cold)Your heart is frozen choose the snow(Frozen favor the snow, for this reason cold)And there's no one home (no one home)To save you safe and also warm (keep friend safe and warm, no)Your eyes room red since you've cry (you've cried)You fell asleep by the fireside (by the fireside)But there's one point you should know(One point you need to know)On this Christmas, babyYou don't have to be alone (yeah, yeah)>You don't (no, no) have to be aloneYou don't need to be (no, no) all alone at homeYou don't (you don't) have to be alone(You don't need to be alone)You don't need to be alone>Outside the winter seems so cold (so cold come you, baby)Your love is frozen like the snow (frozen like the snow, yeah)And there's no one house (no one home)To keep you safe and also warm (to save you safe and warm)(You don't need to be alone)Your eyes space red because you've cried (you've cried)You fell asleep through the fireside (by the fireside)But there's one point you have to know(One thing you should know)