In the paper definition of the end of Cowboy Bebop, I check out the phrase, "You're gonna bring that weight" as a cautionary statement about how the decision of your past deserve to linger and also weigh on friend if you don't properly relocate on. But I'd choose your opinion ~ above the matter. Do you agree? Disagree? What walk this phrase average to you?


someone created a really remarkable blog entry about this and also the last episode. The suggest they made to be what we (the audience) had to bring was Spike's story since he to be gone now. I'll try to uncover a link, it was a great post.

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I think this is the attach you are looking for.

You're Gonna bring That Weight.

We're gonna carry that weight-- the weight that is at as soon as the load of our past and also the promise and also burden of unrealized hopes and aspirations because that the future-- the future Spike never had actually a possibility with. Together Shinichiro Watanabe as soon as revealed around this heat taken native the critical Beatles's album, "The meaning behind that phrase, because the Beatles take it a most weight native the fans, was the the fans had actually to now bring that weight."

I like to take it as definition two various things depending on the situation.

The decisions you do in life space your own and you have to take obligation for them. You can't run away indigenous the choices you make/made in the past. The regret a person carries is a substantial weight ~ above them, so confront your past and also resolve all her issues.

Don't dwell ~ above the previous if it's something insignificant to her life. There are burdens the are much better to forget then to carry. An example to do this sound much less hypocritical is the a women in your previous dumped you and you're tho bitter around it and also have cake feelings towards the women. Don't carry that weight, relocate on and live for an ext important things.

My acquisition has constantly been closest to your number 2 there. The phrase calls ~ above a weight which is implied to it is in your past or your worries, and asserts that you WILL carry them. The isn't so much a melancholic declare of how people must live through regret however rather an assertion that your regret will certainly be there however will not slow-moving you down. It is the method of the old fashioned cowboy, and also a truly amazing statement in the context it to be used.

There to be a lot of references to music in the show, illustration titles prefer Sympathy because that The Devil, toys In The Attic, Bohemian Rhapsody, present that someone involved with the present was definitely a large classic absent fan. The phrase comes from a Beatles song. I don't specifically know what the phrase way to me, but knowing wherein it came from offers me at least some direction of where to look because that a meaning.

The method it was described to me was "Carry that Weight" was around The Beatles splitting up and how every member would carry the load of being a member that the biggest musical group with them because that the rest of your careers and lives. They'd never obtain away native it, lot like the Bebop team. Castle would never be as great as the amount of their parts.

I think the real "answer" is that the phrase can mean a couple of different things, and also that's probably why the creators provided it. I agree through several other interpretations on here as well; the expression fits castle all yes, really well.

I constantly thought it supposed the audience to be going to carry the weight around not understanding whether Spike passed away or not, but apparently every agrees that he did dice :(

Emotional/Mental weight choose guilt. You're walk to carry it v you, you're never going come let it go. Like Spike v Julia.

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