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"You boy of a Bitch, I"m In" is a catchphrase claimed by multiple characters in Rick and also Morty episode "One Crew end the Crewcoo"s Morty" ~ above being persuaded to get involved in a heist. Online, several picture macros, an especially one illustrating Rick Sanchez putting a lollipop in his mouth and one portraying Morty Smity make a finger gun, got popularity, frequently used in reference to convincing arguments.

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On November 24th, 2019, episode 3 "One Crew end the Crewcoo"s Morty" of season 4 of the Rick and also Morty television series premiered.<1> On many occasions in the episode, various characters, consisting of Morty, Truckula, mile Knightly"s crew and also others say "You son of a bitch, I"m in" or similar variations of the expression upon being encouraged to take part in a heist.

You child of a bitch, I"m in.

The first meme using the catchphrase is at this time unknown. Beginning on November 25th, 2019, a variety of users top top Reddit and Facebook posted memes based on a variety of image macros native the episode. For example, a November 25th, 2019, post by Redditor munozagd got 40 upvote (shown below, left).<2> posts by Facebook individuals Matthew Carey and Sun RAe Iah in the Grandpa Rick"s psychic Blowers Facebook group received 28 and 175 reaction respectively (shown below, center and right).<3><4>



Starting top top November 25th, the style received significant spread ~ above Reddit and also Facebook, with a captioned image of Rick putting a lollipop inside his mouth coming to be the most famous image macro connected with the meme, back Rick self does not say the phrase. A November 25th, 2019, write-up by Redditor artyhardrooster got over 930 rise in /r/dankmemes in one week (shown below, left).<5> A November 29th, 2019, write-up by Redditor savagelard obtained over 31,100 upvote in three days (shown below, right).<6>


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External References

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<4> on facebook – sunlight RAe Iah"s Post

<5> Reddit – Anyone record the new episode last night?

<6> Reddit – My an initial post right here liking that so far

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